The Unlimited God - Front Cover
When we consider that God created the universe and hung it on nothing, breathed on a bit of the dust of the earth and it became a living soul, how a child in a mothers womb is intricately and wonderfully made, why is it so difficult for us to believe that He is able to restore sight to blind eyes, replace organs that have been removed, and recreate limbs that are gone?

The Unlimited God is a book of miracles and the people who experienced them. It is a life long story of faith, of family, of sacrifice and triumph, and of the limitless power of the Almighty God.

On this site we invite you to read exerpts of the miracles experienced first hand by Dr. Donald and Dolores Northrup. You can find out more about the author, how to order, and see a photo gallery of their lives.

On the comments page you can read what others are saying as well as share how this book has touched your own life.

Portions of the book come from the transcribed words of Dr. Northrup, telling his congregation about these events. On the book page, you will find audio clips where you can hear first hand a few of the stories which have made this book a reality.